Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Design

Computer and Electrical Engineering Design I and II is a two semester design sequence (ECE 4901 and ECE 4902) taken by Computer Engineers and Electrical Engineers in their last two semesters at the University of Connecticut.

The course objective is to provide an opportunity for students to apply their engineering knowledge to solve open-ended design problems using a multidisciplinary team approach.

Students work in teams of three or more students. Each team is multidisciplinary in nature. This is normally accomplished by including students from different programs (EE, CMPE, EngPhys, ME, BME, MEM, and CSE). In some cases, all participants on a particular team may be from the same program. In such a case, team members are chosen such that the members have different concentrations, expertise, or strengths.

Spring 2022 Projects
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  • Senior Design Day Spring 2022
  • Team 1901’s fire fighting drone from Spring 2022 semester was featured in local news stations WFSB, NBC, CTPost, and WTNH.

  • Team 1915 from the Spring 2022 semester – Christian Corwel, George Zoghbi, and Stevan Webb, along with their advisor, Prof. Abhishek Dutta published their project design in the IEEE Access journal – “Design and Control of an Underwater Launch System“
  • Senior Design Day Spring 2018
  • Team 1826 (William Brown, Donald O’Boyle, and Laurne Williams) from the Spring 2018 semester won the Task 4 Award at the annual WERC Environmental Design Contest held April 10, 2018 in Las Cruces, NM.
  • Senior Design Day Spring 2017
  • Senior Design Day Spring 2016
  • Team 1617 from the Spring 2016 semester won an award at the 迅游网游加速器-为网络游戏加速护航【官方网站】:2021-6-15 · 绝地求生官方指定加速器,专业的网游加速器-迅游网游加速器,新用户免费试用!有效解决玩家在网络游戏中遇到的延时过高,登录困难,容易掉线等问题,迅游网游加速器为网游保驾护航!
  • The Hardware Security Team (Team 1619) from the Spring 2016 semester was accepted as a hardware demonstration at the IEEE Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust
  • The IFEC Team (Team 1614) from the Spring 2016 semester was accepted into the IEEE International Future Energy Challenge
  • Senior Design Day Spring 2015
  • The IFEC Team (Team 1508) from the Spring 2015 semester competed in the IEEE International Future Energy Challenge and was selected as a finalist and competed in the finals competition in Sheffield, UK in July 2015.
  • The iDevices Team (Team 191) from the Spring 2014 was highlighted in a UConn Today article
  • The Hybrid Go-Kart Team (Team 187) from the Spring 2014 semester competed in the 2014 IEEE IAS Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Design Contest and was selected as the second place winner. The team members were Jonathan Blake, Nathan Butterfield, Joshua Calkins, and Anupam Ojha and they were advised by Prof. Sung-Yeul Park.



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